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"A playful Arrested Development for dykes, this sitcom features superb comic timing, offbeat dialogue and witty cutting, and its poppy soundtrack only punctuates the sarcasm. All four actors work well off one another, effortlessly spinning dry and absurd jokes, or, better yet, making fun of their own comedic efforts.

For those who like their ladies smart, funny and self-deprecating (as well as sexy), this is the show to watch." - LOTL Australia

Jill Bennett 3way
Jill Bennett 3way
Jill Bennett We Have To Stop Now
Jill Bennett We Have To Stop Now
Seasons 1 & 2

"Festival favorites Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono (Out at the Wedding, And Then Came Lola) once again ignite the screen, this time as a sexy, professional couple who seem to have it all. Director Robyn Dettman’s engaging vignettes string us along as the humor and mischief build. We Have to Stop Now is a wacky but down-to-earth emotional rollercoaster likely to remind you of your most dysfunctional (yet likeable) queer friends." - Frameline

"...(the cast) and Jill know what it takes to make you watch...once they start, you can't take your eyes off them." - The Advocate

"The dialogue is quick and snappy, full of contemporary one-liners that range from tongue-in-cheek references to women's soccer players (Bennett's Kat McDonald, the owner, is a former professional soccer star), the ever-evolving lesbian coif du jour, and of course, numerous jokes about the Hole itself. The humor is generally good-natured and often full of puns, as well as catchphrases that are destined to become colloquial in the lesbian community.

Second Shot views almost like a lesbian take on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, focusing on its characters' supposedly doldrum existence and the surprising camaraderie and, well, "second shots" that appear when you let go of your ego and move back home." -

Jill Bennett Second Shot
Jill Bennett Second Shot

Second Shot

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Do It For Us

Voting PSA

Dedicate the Vote

Voting PSA

Democrats: Flirty

Voting PSA

Democrats: Factory Towns

Voting PSA

Democrats: The Full List

Voting PSA

Unconditional (short)
Love-struck Astrid plans to confess her feelings to best friend Tess, but comedic chaos erupts when she arrives to find Tess heartbroken over a cheating boyfriend.
Under the Influencer
When a struggling digital artist has her work appropriated by a popular art curator, will she remain a victim, or become the perpetrator of an even more villainous crime?


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