My career in Hollywood started as an actor. I did some tv, a handful of good indie films, a million digital series, and then started writing and producing my own content because I was sick of watching awful lesbian movies where everyone died or ended up with a man. True story.

Recently, I appeared in a number of roles - including Sally Ride - for MAX’s Emmy Winning LGBTQ history show Book of Queer.

Amongst other more impressive roles, I’ve played a convict, a gay bar owner, and a demon-possessed surfer in a cheesy gay soap.

Like everyone else in LA, I act.

I'm with Lee on this.

We all spend way too much time critiquing films, tv, and stories that are not, nor ever were, meant for us. Who am I to say that a film about the rapture or a sitcom about motherhood shouldn't be made simply because it's not for me?

If I had listened to the gatekeepers, I would still be taking classes, asking for coverage, and rewriting. They will always tell you that you're not ready - that your story needs more input and more yesses from others like them.

Once I stopped worrying about whether or not I was qualified to write or produce, I started creating. I landed an international distribution deal on my first $1000 digital series and traveled the world promoting my microbudget content while many of my (frankly more talented) screenwriter friends still have yet to be produced.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that screenwriting is a soft skill; it takes years to master.

On the other hand, I could name a million movies and tv shows written by talented and trained writers that went through years of development at networks and studios that ended becoming absolute garbage.

I’ve written solo, with a partner, and in a writer’s room. I definitely prefer the many hands make light work approach.

You won’t find anyone more committed to pitching fixes for problematic and expensive script elements.

On writing

Still the reigning Drag King of LA
My favorite red carpet pic.
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A Dozen Fun Facts

  1. My rural upbringing gave me skills that many city slickers lack

  2. Put me on your zombie apocalypse team - I'm an excellent angler (see #1)

  3. I love soup, especially soup with meat in it

  4. I suffer from severe misophonia; leaf blowers and gum smacking induce rage

  5. Most of my discretionary income is spent on international travel and electronics

  6. Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks are living gods: change my mind (but you can’t)

  7. Formally, I've studied theatre, marketing, business, and cat husbandry

  8. Sundays are for football, grilling, and poker games

  9. I almost died of sepsis in 2016

  10. Punctuality is irrationally important to me

  11. Desperately needing a break from Hollywood, I worked in cat rescue for 3 years

  12. I take my work very seriously; myself, not so much