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Career-wise, it all began with a hit tv recap video blog - We’re Getting Nowhere - which led to a development deal at Viacom. I did some tv, many movies, and then started writing and producing my own content because I was sick of watching awful lesbian movies where everyone died or ended up with men. True story.

As a producer, I’ve been turning out quality content for less money than most productions spend on Red Vines at the crafty table, and it turns out, I’m pretty damn good at it. I recently launched a low budget feature diversity initiative - Fair Play Films - in association with Story Mill Entertainment in Columbus Georgia. We’re aiming to film our first slate in late 2024.

Keep an eye out for my latest feature, Under the Influencer – hitting the film festival circuit next spring.


What exactly does a producer do?

On a low budget project, basically a little bit of everything...including keeping up the morale on set when five jackhammers are running continuously for the entire duration of your shoot.


I’ve written solo, with a partner, and in a writer’s room. I definitely prefer the many hands make light work approach.

You won’t find anyone more committed to pitching fixes for problematic and expensive script elements.


Like seemingly everyone else in Los Angeles, I act.

Recently, I appeared in a number of roles - including Sally Ride - for MAX’s Book of Queer.

Amongst other more impressive roles, I’ve played a convict, a gay bar owner, and a demon-possessed surfer in a cheesy gay soap.

My creative philosophy: low budgets require high creativity. Embrace the constraints, and turn limitations into innovations. Simple narratives can have a profound impact.

Who wouldn’t love 10 million dollars for their next project? The question is, do you really need that to tell a story?

You came here to get to know me better, right?

  • I love soup. Especially soup with meat in it
  • I suffer from severe misophonia; leaf blowers and gum smacking induce rage
  • My rural upbringing gave me skills that many city slickers lack
  • Want to debate me? Be prepared: 1994 Indiana State Champion speaker
  • I spend most of my discretionary income on international travel and electronics
  • Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks are living gods: change my mind (but you can’t.)
  • I’ve formally studied theatre, marketing, business, and cat husbandry
  • Sundays are for football, grilling, and poker games
  • I almost died of sepsis in 2016
  • Punctuality is irrationally important to me
  • I converted to Judaism in my early 30's
  • I take my work very seriously; myself, not so much
  • I’m obsessed with my cats. I would probably obsess over yours too

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